DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: Lit Gift Box Centerpieces


For my wedding I wanted to do something different for our centerpieces.  I came up with a Lit Giftbox Centerpiece with some help from my Stepmom.  I plan on accenting the boxes with some flower petals on the tables.  I also used battery operated lights as I can't imagine there would be access to plugs at every table.

Here is the picture of my final product:

How to make your own Gift Box Centerpieces


- 1 acrylic box (I bought mine from Uppercase Living)

- 1 yard of tulle

- Battery operated string lights (20 lights per string)

- 1 20 inch long strip of Ribbon A (1.5 inches wide)

- 1 24 inch long strip of Ribbon A (1.5 inches wide)

- 1 20 inch long strip of Ribbon B (5/8 inches wide)

- 1 24 inch long strip of Ribbon B (5/8 inches wide)

- 1 yard each of 2 inch wide wired ribbon in two colors (for bow)

- Hot glue gun


Directions (please consult the pictures that follow):


1. Fold the tulle in half lengthwise.  On one end, lay a "row" of string lights (~6 of the lights) along the width of the fabric.  Roll the tulle over to cover the lights. Turn and lay another "row" of string lights over the folded tulle and lights. Continue to do this until all of the lights are wrapped in the tulle (picture a).  You are basically making layer tulle and light burrito! J


2. I got my acrylic box from Uppercase Living (  It is comprised of 2 halfs that snap together.  Open up the box and set aside one half.  Fill the other half of the box with the tulle and lights by folding the tulle-light burrito back and fourth until it is all in the box (picture b).  Close the box up and insert the bottom plug (picture c). Check to see that the lights are well distributed throughout the box by setting the box upright and turning on the lights.



3.  Take the 24 inch piece of ribbon A and fix one end with hot glue to the bottom of the box, parallel to the face of the box (picture d). Wrap around the perimeter of the box (no glue needed for this) and hot glue the other end to the bottom of the box.  You only need to hot glue the two ends of the ribbon.


4.  Take the 20 inch piece of Ribbon A and hot glue one end to the bottom of the box at its center.  The end should be perpendicular to the face of the box.  Wrap the ribbon around the box being sure it is centered.  Glue the other end opposite the end you have already glued (picture d).  Again, only glue the ends of the fabric. 


5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 with ribbon B centering it on ribbon A.


6.  To form the bow, take one wired ribbon piece and form loops by folding the ribbon back and forth over itself.  Form four loops (two loops each side) for a single colored bow (picture e).  For two-colored bow, repeat the same technique with the second colored wired ribbon.  Lay one of the ribbon loops on top of the second.  At the center, tie the loops together with ribbon or string. (I used some of my 5/8 inch ribbon).  You could also make a single colored bow, forming 8 loops (four loops each side) and tying it off at its center. Separate and “fluff” the loops.  Position each loop in place by twisting a bit.  By using the wired ribbon, the loops should easily take, and hold, their shape.  



7.  Place some hot glue on the top edge of the box right at the center.  Press your newly formed bow down into the glue (picture f).   You’re done!



Notes and suggestions:


- I plan on hiding the battery pack inside of a wrapped box with a hole cut in the center.  My brother also suggest pretending the battery pack is a “gift tag” with a “to and from” on it.  I thought that was a neat idea too.


- Battery operated lights can be found in many places:

- I got my tulle at Joanns and used a 40% off coupon.


- You could also place a monogram at the center of the gift box.  Uppercase living sells such items at reasonable prices.   I used Melanie Halliwell to buy my boxes


- For my bow I trimmed the ends of the ribbon short and hid them inside the bow.  You could leave the ends longer if you like and add another element to the box. 




Here are all of the pictures:


Picture a step 1:


Picture b step 2:


Picture c Step 2:


Picture d Steps 3 and 4:


Picture e Step 6:


Picture f Step 7:



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