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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: Quilted Fabric Ornaments


So I love Christmas (which explains my December wedding) and I especially love christmas decorations.  I also love crafting and quilting.  I decided a quilted ornament was a perfect favor as it captures Christmas and allows me to incorporate quilting into our wedding.  Below is instructions on how I made these, including plenty of pictures to help along the way.


Quilted Fabric Ornament Instructions (makes 1):


This final product should look something like this:


- 3 inch diameter foam ball

- 16 2.5 inch squares of fabric A

- 16 2.5 inch squares of fabric B

- 2 2.5 square monogram printed on ink jet fabric

- 1 two inch wide strip of Fabric B, 10 inches long

- 2 strips of 3/8 inch wide ribbon (8 inches in length) in color A

- 2 strips of 3/8 inch wide ribbon (8 inches in length in color B

- 1 strip of 1.4 inch wide ribbon (8 inches in lenth)

- Pins flat head, straight (lots of these!)

- Hot glue gun and/or fabric glue


 Directions (Please consult pictures at the end of this post!):


1.Adhere monogram to center of foam ball with glue. Starting at the center and smooth outward.  Secure corners with pins.  Repeat with second monogram on opposite side. (picture a)


2. Take one square of Fabric A, place a pin through its center wrong side up.  Pin the fabric to the ball (right side of fabric facing the ball) framing the monogram (picture b).  Fold the fabric in half and then fold the corners inward (picture c, d).  Pin the corners of the triangle formed to the ball. Continue to frame the monogram using 7 additional pieces of fabric A (picture e).


3. Take a square of fabric B.  Again, place a pin through the center of the square, wrong side up. Pin to the ball about 1/4-1/2 inch down from a point of fabric A.  Fold fabric in half over pin and fold in corners.  This time use 4 pins along the bottom of the triangle to secure the bottom of the fabric (picture f). 


4. Repeat steps 1-4 on the opposite side of the ball.


5. Take the strip of fabric B and fold in each edge by ½ inch and press flat (picture g).  Add hot glue to the top center of the ball and adhere one end of the folded strip to the glue.  Fasten the strip with hot glue around the enter ball until ends meet (picture h).


6. Next assemble the bow and loop for hanging on a tree!  Take a piece of 3/8 inch ribbon and fold in its ends to the center of the ribbon and fasten with fabric glue, hot glue might work as well (picture i).  Repeat with remaining 3/8 inch ribbon pieces in both colors.  Form a cross with ribbon A by gluing the two ribbon loops together, seams inward (picture j). Repeat with ribbon B.  To form the complete bow, glue the cross of ribbon A to ribbon B at their centers (picture k).  For the tree hanging loop, glue the edges of the ribbon together, overlapping by ~ ¼ inch.  Fasten the loop to the center of the bow with glue (picture l). 


7. Adhere the bow and loop to the top of the ornament right over the seam of the fabric strip using hot glue (picture m).  Be sure this is at the top and center of your monogram if you want the ornament to hang right side up! Your done!



Notes and helpful hints:


I used printable fabric from Joann's to make my monogram (  I have a template that would help with dimensions I can share. 


I found the best deal on foam balls at Pasteel Corp.

Instead of using a fabric strip, you can line the center of the ornament with 1 inch wide ribbon.

I found the best way to do the assembly was to place the ball in a coffee mug.  It prevented the darn thing from rolling away from me as I assembled it.  


The quickest and fastest way to cut all of the fabric is with a rotary cutter and mat commonly used by quilters! 




Here are all of the pictures!


Step 1 a


Step 2 b


Step 2 c



step 2 d


Step 2 e


Step 3 picture f:


Step 5 picture g:


Step 5 picture h:


Step 6 picture i:


Step 6 picture j:


Step 6 picture k:


Step 6 picture l:

Last Updated: February 25, 2014 at 3:48 pm
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