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Planning for the Weather


Every bride wishes for a picture-perfect day, but sometimes the weather has other plans.  Planning for the worst is the best way to anticipate those weather woes for outdoor ceremonies.

Tips to prepare for less than perfect weather:


  • Give guests raffia fans or paper parasols as favors to keep them cool.  Sunscreen packets are also great to hand out.

  • Have cold beverages ready to hand to guests immediately before or after the ceremony to keep them refreshed.  

  • Keep candles inside hurricane lanterns to prevent breezes from blowing out the flames.  This is especially important for unity candles.

  • Keep in mind the sun's position at the time of your ceremony when planning where to place your altar.  Although sunset ceremonies are beautiful, they don't make for the best photography shots.  You don't want guests being blinded by facing the glaring sun either.

  • In case of hot weather, keep your buttercream cake in a cool place for as long as possible.  However, fondant is a better option for receptions in the sun.  Flowers should also be kept inside until the last minute.

  • Choose wooden ceremony chairs as metal could burn your guests.

  • If you worry about your veil blowing in a harsh wind, attach a couple small painted fishing weights at the bottom to prevent it.

  • Plan your hair around the weather.  Humidity often frizzes hair and the cold often makes it staticky.  Bring anti-frizz drops or dryer sheets with you the day of to prevent these issues.

  • Have your day-of-coordinator spray bug repellant or light citronella candles to keep your guests from being bitten.  This is especially important in hot, humid climates.

  • In case of cooler weather, have pashminas available as a cozy favor for guests.

  • Check with your venue or rental company to see if gas heaters can be rented.  Guests might decide to leave early if they are miserable from the cold.

  • Hot cocoa or coffee bars are great to have ready for guests to warm up and enjoy an added treat.

  • "Test walk" down the aisle a couple hours before the ceremony to check for muddy spots or wet grass.  Invest in Sole Mates to prevent your heels from sinking into the ground.

  • Have a backup plan for rain.  Check the weather a week ahead of time.  If the weather forecast calls for precipitation, it might be a good idea to rent a tent.  In case of a torrential downpour, have a plan B for an indoor ceremony at your venue if possible.

Most importantly, enjoy your day no matter what the weather.  The best test to a marriage is to face challenges as they are thrown your way.  


Last Updated: January 30, 2011 at 10:28 am
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