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DIY: Envelope Guestbook


Martha Stewart has done it again! Check out this great idea for a guestbook! I loved this idea as soon as I saw it and decided to do it as a DIY. Here is all the info!

• Scrapbook album with blank pages (Purchased at a local scrapbook store - more info below)
• Envelopes & blank cards (Purchased at Target)
• Various sized & shaped doilies (Purchased at Michael's & Hobby Lobby)
• Glue runner

Scrapbook Album Info:
My album is a KOLO, style Newport. The size is 11"x14". It has 10 double-sided pages and you can add more if needed. Visit KOLO's website here for more info and to purchase.
Photo Credit

Envelopes & Blank Cards:
I purchased our envelopes and blank cards at my local Target. They are also available online at I used the Hot Hues 200 pack.

(Click here to view).

Other great envelope & card options at

Die-Cut Notecard Set - 50pk. (click here to view) - Love these different shapes and styles!

Hot Hues Bright Colored Notecards - 200 pk

(Click here to view).

Step #1: I used the glue runner to attach the doilies to the pages to be my backgrounds.

Step #2: I used the glue runner on the fronts of the envelopes and attached them to the book (you want the flap side facing up) directly on top of the doilies.

That's it! It was super easy. It was set up on the table with a sign (I highly recommend this to avoid any confusion!) instructing our guests on how to use the guestbook. Here is the finished product!

(*better pics coming soon!)

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:25 am
Tags: DIY Wedding
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