DIY Wedding Challenge 2010 - Collapsible Paper Flowers


These decorations are great especially when you are planning from afar and traveling to the event like I did. I made these ahead of time, collapsed them down, traveled with them and then opened them back up when got to the party. Use leftover paper and materials from previous projects, mix and match colors, add embellishments, be creative as you wish. Use ribbon to hang them from places or use tape to adhere them to the walls.

1.)    Chose a flower you would like to imitate, I chose the bride’s favorite, a sunflower

2.)    Using your drawing skills draw 1/3 worth of the flower onto cardboard to make a stencil. Petal shapes can vary but be sure they cascade in size. The stencil for the center of the flower can be as simple as 1/3 of a circle, but it is up to you. Cut out the two different petal types and the flower’s center stencils.

3.)    Trace three of each petal type and 6 center type onto the paper of your choice. Various colors, patterns and paper textures add a vibrant touch. Recycled paper or newspapers add a “green” touch. The use of decorative edge scissors may also add a nice touch as well.

4.)    Take each petal type and fold it like an accordion vertically down the center of a petal, than in between two petals, then down the center of a petal, then in between and so on. This adds dimension to the petals.

5.)    When all pieces are cut out and folded stack them one on top of the other making sure to start with the largest petal type on the bottom and the flower center type on the top.

6.)    Using 1/8” single hole punch, punch a hole through the stacked flower pieces about ¼” to  ½” of an inch away from the center point. (you may be only to hole punch a few pieces at a time, which is fine, just be sure to punch the hole in the same location as the previously punched)

7.)    Secure stacked flowers in place using a medium size brad.

8.)    Fan out petals to reveal a dynamic DIY paper  flower.

9.)    Embellish the center of the flower with material of choice. I used buttons left over from another project. Rhinestones would add some bling. Use glue to attach to top of brad.

10.) Collapse flowers at the end of the party to store to use again for another time.

Last Updated: May 3, 2010 at 7:26 pm
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