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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010 - Passport Invitations


The wedding theme was travel so the save the dates were boarding passes and the invitations were passports.  These passports were designed personally by me, printed on 30% recycled linen paper using my personal home printer, cut by x-acto blade and a straight edge, bound together using a sewing machine, taped into the cover using double stick tape and finished the rounded corners with a corner chomper.  LOTS of effort but well worth it the bride (my older sister) and groom were very pleased.


1.)    Using  a computer and computer software such Adobe photo shop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe InDesign design your invitations.

2.)    Print using the “book” setting so that pages print back to back and in order, two pages per sheet of paper

3.)    Using a straight edge and x-acto blade cut out pages. (Places like Office Depot or Kinkos can cut multiple sheets at one time, up to 250 as long as all the sheets are aligned and cuts are straight)

4.)    Stack paper on top of each other ensuring page order

5.)    Using a sewing machine sew down the center of the of the pages. Pick thread that matches the cover or wedding colors. Staples can be used as well, but the a sewed seem has a better finished look to it.

6.)    Using double stick tape, tape pages into cover

7.)    Stamp from cover of passport with image of choice. The paper for the cover was a heavy card stock and was textured. I had a custom rubber stamp made ( and used silver ink.

8.)    Trim excess edges of the three open sides, making sure things are aligned and straight.

9.)    Using a corner chomper round corners for a finished look.

10.) Envelopes made from recycled maps (  add a great touch or line the inside of the outer envelope with an old map to enhance the travel theme.

Last Updated: May 3, 2010 at 7:57 pm
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