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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010 - Wedding kippahs/coasters



I have to admit I've been thinking of crocheting kippahs for the guests at our wedding before I even got engaged. After I got engaged this was the first project on my list. So far I've made 74 kippahs. I have 76 or so to go. I have been making them in 2 colors - cranberry red and navy blue, which will be our colors for the wedding - perfect combination, since cranberry red is my favorite color and navy blue is my fiancé's favorite color. I've added a white border since they are made for the wedding. Along the way I realized that all our guests won't wear kippahs for our Jewish-style wedding, so I had to find a different use for my creations. I decided that they'll make perfect coasters! So, these are our wedding favors - use them as kippahs or use them as coasters - and remember that they were crocheted by the bride herself with love. :)

To make a wedding kippah you will need:

1. Yarn of your favorite color, for example, blue

2. A little bit of yarn for the border, white

3. Crochet hook H - 5 mm

4. Marker

5. Scissors

6. Needle 

How to make a kippah/coaster:

sc - single crochet

ch - chain

st - stitch

1. I have used this pattern as a base. The only modification I've made - I start with the magic circle (good tutorial available here). My pattern will be:

- make a magic circle, 

- chain 1

- row 1 - crochet 6 sc over the tail, slip stitch in first sc, to join.

 - row 2 - 11  - proceed according to pattern 

2. After 11 rows you will have 9 stitches between increases. 

Row 12 - ch 1, sc in 2nd st from hook, sc, join white yarn.

With white yarn, ch 1, continue to crochet with white yarn over the tail of the blue yarn, making an increase where the increase would be for Row 12.

When you make almost a full circle around, start crocheting over the tail of the white thread.

After the last increase, crochet 1 sc in each blue stitch, then, to join, crochet slip stitch in 2nd stitch from hook, and a slip stitch in the next stich. Pull the thread through to finish.

Cut the white thread and the blue thread. Hide the white thread with the needle.

Repeat many times :). Here is the finished product:


Me modeling it:

Using them as coasters:

Me and my creations:

What do you think? :)



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:05 pm
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