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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: Snowflake Etched Wine Glass


Snowflake Etched Wine Glass

I'm making these wine glasses as an extra gift for my bridesmaid.  They go along with the colors and theme of our wedding and are fun to make!  The result looks so expensive, too!

You will need:

  • Wine glass or goblet (I bought mine at Dollar Tree)

  • Glass cleaner

  • Clear contact paper (for lining shelves)

  • Patterned punch (I used a Martha Stewart craft punch in a snowflake shake)

  • Glass etching creme (I used Armour Etch from AC Moore)

  • Paint brush

  • Wet cloth

  1. Choose a wine glass and a patterned punch in a shape that you would like to etch onto your glass.

  2. Clean wine glass area to be etched with glass cleaner.

  3. Cut a small square of contact paper and use your patterned punch to punch chosen shape into contact paper (it helps to put a scrap piece of paper or vellum against teh clear side of your contact paper while punching to keep the shape in tact and protect the vinyl.

  4. Remove the backing from your vinyl square and place your vinyl "stencil" on your wine glass.

  5. Use your paint brush to dab etching creme inside your shape stencil. (A thick, generous amount works best)

  6. Follow instructions on bottle and leave etching creme on for desired amount of time (I left mine on for 5 minutes)

  7. Use a wet rag and running water to wipe etching creme from glass before removing vinyl stencil.

  8. Continue these steps to cover your wine glass with your chosen pattern.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:41 am
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