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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010 Faux Mint Julep Tubler



What you will need to make these beautiful center pieces.

Empty cans cleaned thoroughlyand dried (any size, preferably silver in tone)

6MM silver beads( pearl beads, crystal look are also an option


floral wire (any gauge)

hot glue and glue gun

scrap book paper (coordinated to your wedding colors)

masking tape

 wet or dry floral foam


Cut four pieces of masking tape and tape the top inside of the can perfectly even with  top rim of can. This step covers all inside sharp edges for safety.

Step 2.

Heat glue gun until hot. Take one piece of floral wire make a small loop or kink on one end of the floral wire. Next Thread on 4-6 of the 6mm silver beads. Push beads together. Now add hot glue the bottom rim of can. Quickly push beads onto glue.

Note. There should be no space between beads. Once the glue is set gently pull out the wire.

Now straighten the other end of floral wire. Now thread about 1/4 of wire into the already set beads. Thread on more beads and glue into place. Repeat until bottom and top rim are encircled in beads.

Step 3.

Cut scrap book paper in to a 2-1/2" strip. Wrap around beaded can allowin paper to overlap fold over raw edge and glue in place.

Step 4.

Cut floral foam to fit beaded can. You may use dry floral foam for artificial flowers or Oasis floral foam for live flowers. Arrange flowers to achieve desired look and your done. Beautiful!!!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:40 pm
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