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Clear The Air


In celebrating our spiritual union and being ever so conscious of the transfer of negative and positive energies, we decided to open our wedding ceremony with an energy cleanse known as Smudging.

In an online article by Adrienne Borden and Steve Coyote, they speak of how the elders say that all ceremonies, tribal or private, must be entered into with a good heart so that we can pray, sing, dance, walk in a sacred manner, and be helped by the spirits to enter the sacred realm.

History of Smudging
It is impossible to say for certain when smudging began. Throughout history, the burning of natural substances has been used for cleansing, healing and spiritual purposes.
One of the earliest recorded uses of smudging can be traced to ancient Kemet (Egypt) where herbs were burned in religious ceremonies. It is mentioned on an inscribed tablet that was found at Giza, Egypt, in about 1530 BC.

The Babylonians used smudge extensively while offering prayers or divining oracles. It was imported to Israel in the 5th century BC to be used in religious offerings. It spread from there to Greece, Rome and India, where both Hindus and Buddhists still burn it in their rituals and at festivals.

Smudging tradition dates back millennia and connects all traditional cultures, from the Native Americans to the Druids, from the Zulus to the Maoris, from Aboriginals to the Mayans, from the Chinese to the Balinese, which have age-old forms of cleansing and blessing rituals. Smudge is widely used in Oriental religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Taoism) and in the ceremonies of the Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox churches.
Therefore smudging can be seen as a Universal truth that runs through and connects all cultures, religions, time frames and places (

Our Sacred Union

My fiancé and I respect and overstand the spiritual union as a sacred journey between man and woman with guidance from their family, elders and ancestors.  Therefore, it is important that the space where our union will take place is cleansed of negative energies.  

After the full wedding party, including the Bride, has entered the space, our African Traditions Advisor will begin the Smudging Ceremony.   To start, using dried sage; she will burn the stock in a ceramic bowl.  After smudging herself and the officiant, by taking the smoke into her hands rubbing it over her body from head to toe, she will pass the bowl to the Bride and Groom to repeat the smudge.  Next she will pass one bowl to the bridesmaid’s maids and one bowl to the groomsmen.  After the full wedding party has been smudged, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man will smudge the wedding party with a feather brushing over their heads.  After the Smudging Ceremony, the Spiritual Advisor will begin the union.

For those of you reading this that are interested or in need of cleansing yourself or a place of negative energy, review the information below found on

When to Smudge
Whenever you need to re-balance your mental body (self-destructive/limiting thought patterns) or emotional body (fear, anger, depression), or when you desire to let go of/transform any negative energy that is not for your highest joy that’s affecting you or your environment/reality or belongings and to embrace/ground new positive energies in to your being/reality.

Purpose of Smudging

  • Balance/upliftment/self-empowerment.

  • Cleansing/protection.

  • Attracting positive energies to you.

  • Letting go of negative energies.

  • To create/enhance positive energy.

  • Spaces for healing and manifestation.

What to Smudge

  • Yourself/others.

  • Home/healing space/office.

  • Personal objects.

  • Crystals.

  • Cars.

Properties of Herbs

  • Harmony: Unique mixture of lavender, rosemary, imphepo and cedar. It has all the properties of the herbs below with an enchanting scent.

  • Lavender: Restores emotional balance. Cleanses and creates a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere. Lavender also attracts loving energy and angelic beings.

  • Imphepo: “South African Sage.” An exclusive traditional herb found only in South Africa used to cleanse and protect and allows you to connect to your spirit guides and angels with ease. A powerful smudge.

  • Rosemary: Brings about mental clarity and calmness by allowing you to ’let go’ of any negative thoughts. Great for mediators.

  • Cedar: Provides grounding and joy when involved with personal transformation whether internal (new values, attitudes, beliefs) or external (new job, house, birth, death) and it allows you to ‘be’ in the present moment.

How often should I smudge?
Whenever you feel your emotions or thoughts are affecting your reality in a negative way or the energy in your personal living, healing or office space feels stuck/stagnant. You can smudge once a day if you like, and is recommended daily for health and energetic healing practitioners to maintain/enhance your energy field, healing space or personal living space.

Last Updated: November 5, 2010 at 9:31 am
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