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DIY Well Wishes Hanging Charm


hanging well wishes charm

Having been to a few wedding i often think the same thing i wish there was something to do. not that signing a guest book or a overly blown up picture of the happy couple is bad it just seems so public , what if you wanted to write a inside joke , someone might become offended . even worse that someone could be the bride or groom  .This charm allows them to keep or discard the coments they want.

This idea is partically based off of the shakespear play as you like it when Orlando writes sonnets to Rosalind and hangs them on trees. also mort insperation came from the asian tradition of hanging wishes.

These cute charms can be a name place card on the table and in the program exsplain to guests they are to write thier well whishes in the card, even express it finacially and then hang the Charm with the card back inside its pocket on a prespecified tree shrub or tree like centerpiece. this looks particularly nice with white lights strung inside the bush or tree.

so now down to the step by step

Materials needed

a) Card stock one page = 4 charms chose one light weight enough to fold easy but heavy  enough to not bleed threw the other side.

b) ruler,quarter, snips and any other graphing device that would make it easier for you.

c) white glue

d) a exstreamyly big upolstery needle or a small whole punch (needle looks better)

e)ribbons, thin and of any color

f) pens thin tips and caligraphy tiped (dont worry its easy)

g) optionall!!! a stamp design for the graphically challenged.

first fold the sheet lenght wise down the middle make the fold crisp.

next keeping the fold toward yourself mesure along both top and bottom marking off every 2 and 7/16 inches.Then lightly with your pencil connect the matching top and bottom marks.

cut them out and discard the last little peice or keep for another project. you should have four . !!Do not cut along the fold!! keep that connected.

now select one and situate it so the fold is again facing you mesure up the sides 1 and 1/2 inch mark and connect the dots.

cut along the mark . it should look like this the front which is down at this point has not been cut. creating a flap which will become a pocket.

fold the piece you just cut off in half and set aside for the moment . now on the long sides of the charm mesure down (toward the flap) 1and 1/2 inch do not connect them with a line, then find the mid-line of the top and also mark.

connect the side marks to the tip mark  creating a triangle.

now cut along both.

it should now look like this.

now that lovely pointed tip we just created should be folded down 1/2 and inch.

now for the glue! glue only along the sides of the fold creating a pocket. hold together until it dries. (tip use the glue lightly as to avoid paper wrinkles.)

next with something (a large flat eraser works wonders) underneath the folded over tip and with the flap down push your ribbon threaded needle threw. when the ribbon gets threw to the other side pull on one section so you have half of the ribbon on both sides of the charm. bring othe together over the top and tie with a double knot.

next flip over and make sure your card fits the pocket (it should unless you used too heavy of a stock)

Option * the original card can be replaced with a larger tri folded piece of regular weight paper to allow for more writing room.just make sure that when its folded it mesures 1 inch and 5/16 in width and 2 1/2 inch in hight.  any more then tri folded strains the pocket.

next on the back add your (please write on and or give money phrase) always in pencil first!

then when its perfect go over with a pen wait 5 + minutes to let the sharpie dry (and not smear) then use your eraser to remove any pencil marks .

next you can do the front (if using a stamp to do design stamp first and allow to dry) then do the name over the stamp the title looks best along the bottom even friends can have title ie: sherry l. brides 5th grade best friend or best man or matron of honnor ect. be creative lol Laureen spiciest red head the bride knows. Dont be afraid to do this it make a personal touch to each and every person.

now its ready for the table and to let the person know where to sit. i would personally try to keep familys or dates together but seat both the grroms side and brides together let then get to know eachother a little.

then at any time or even at a special song que or anouncment your guests can get up from thier places and hang thier charm of well wishes

this looks exstremly charming on large manzanita or willow center pieces


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:26 pm
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