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Budget Savvy Bride: Destiny's Story



Hello Brides!!!

Many of my friends and family know that I'm a super planner/early bird/deal finder, so it’s not surprising that I've decided to SAVE a few dimes to have my Dream Wedding! I’m an advertising designer and my fiancé Matt is a Mechanical Engineer. I guess you could say we are both very CREATIVE! We have decided to use out super creative skills to “DIY” a lot of our wedding projects.

Our engagement is a year and a half long, which gives us plenty of time to save. We have been able to get some GREAT deals by having such a long engagement. For instance, our venue was in the process of being built so we saved $500 by booking before the Open House. We also saved another $950 by booking a February wedding instead of March. That is a total of $1400 in savings right off the top. Our venue also allows us to bring in all of our own vendors and alcohol…no restrictions. That also saves a ton of money! We learned very quickly that when you have to use in-house caterers the price skyrockets…we’d rather stay on the ground!

We have a chosen a beautiful venue called Boulder Springs in New Braunfels, TX (see photo below). Our theme is vintage country. The venue is already VERY country which helps us SAVE money on décor. We’ve read a million articles that tell couples to use the “natural beauty” of your venue to save on costs. And we are having the ceremony and reception both at our venue.

The initial savings didn’t stop there!! We were able to get 2010 pricing from our photographers and videographers by booking them this year! That’s a savings of at least $500. There are many vendors that REWARD couples for booking early and we have taking full advantage of them. We are doing the same with our DJ service and florist!

Here’s how we are making our wedding “LOOK” like we spent more than we will… It’s amazing how branding a wedding can create the feel of a “very expensive” wedding by not spending a lot. So…since I’m a designer, I’m creating a wedding logo that will be used throughout the wedding for favors, invitations, and our Save the Date.

Another way we are saving money is taking advantage of the talents/jobs of our friends and relatives. For examples, Matt’s dad is a custom cabinet maker so he is building some wooden fixtures for us for the wedding including a beautiful wooden sign that will say “Montgomery-Capps Wedding” and a seating card display. I also have some good friends at that work in a print shop so they have offered to print our invitations for FREE!!! And...our officiate is Matt’s uncle.  

We have opted out of a champagne toast and in return we are able to serve an open bar for the entire night with alcohol people will actually drink. Instead of a band for the ceremony we are using the FREE sound system our venue provides. We are spending less on food (BBQ or comfort food) and more than “suggested” on a really good DJ. People really remember how fun something was based on the dancing and it’s sad to say…but the alcohol!

Local vendors are also saving us a lot of money. Our venue is located about 30 minutes from 2 major cities, San Antonio & Austin. Many vendors charge travels fees for any place outside their city, so we are hiring vendors who live in New Braunfels to avoid those fees.

By reading articles and DIY websites, I’ve gotten a TON of money saving ideas. We are utilizing many that we have found to save money and add personal touches to our wedding. I highly recommend doing whatever you can…yourself!

I could go forever in the ways that we are saving money, but my main money saving tip is to use your resources and don’t be afraid to extend your engagement time to save a few dimes!! 


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:27 am
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