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Budget Savvy Bride Laura's Story


This is my second wedding so I don't feel I can possible ask my parents to pay for this one; especially because I am one of three girls. I started by selecting a small venue where we are only inviting 100 close friends and family. The venue is already decored with a lot of greenery and white lights. I am utilizing people I know to help me. I have a close friend making my daughter's flower girl dress. I have used this website (project wedding) for tons of ideas. I have spent hours looking though pictures for ideas that  look like they don't cost alot. I found pictures of candy dishes and my grandmother has thouse so wow! free!! I just have to buy the candy. You would be suprised what people already own that you can borrow. I am also going to use picture frames from my own home by my guest book.  My table decorations are 8 inch tall round vases that I have a bundle of curly willow in. Not having the flowers is going to save me so much. I watch the local craft stores and they have differet sales every week. I have been able to get everything half off by being patient. I would love to buy a wedding dress new, but because I have been married before I know that if a dress has only been worn once it is still like new, so I am getting my dress second hand. No one will ever know. I am having my wedding at 7 pm so that I am not expected to feed a full course meal. Instead I am having fun foods like meatballs, sandwiches, dips, little sausages. I am really excited about my wedding. Because of all the money I have saved I am still going to have money left for a DJ and the best part is the fun and love come free.

Ready for waiting,

Laura Lewis

Port Neches, Texas

Last Updated: June 25, 2010 at 4:34 am
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