A Beachy Love Note


If you love those pretty pictures of your names carved into the sand, but live nowhere near the beach, fear not! You can create your own in Photoshop in less than 15 minutes!


Find yourself a beach picture, one that is mostly sand. You can use gettyimages.com or similar stock sites to find one royalty free.


In photoshop, make a new layer on top of the background picture. Select one of the rectangular brushes that looks like it has a lot of texture. You'll want to open the brushes window, and change some settings. What you're trying to do is get the brush a bit messy looking so that it looks more natural.


Use the eyedropper tool to get a sand-like color for your brush. Paint a heart and whatever you want to put inside it. If you can't get the look you want with a mouse, you can use text, and use the brush to erase some of the edges of the letters. Just draw it as if you were doodling on paper, like this:

Now go to your layer, and set the style to multiply, like this:

Double click on the layer, which will bring up the style menu. Turn on inner shadow, and use settings something like this. I made the color blue so it would look more natural, if it's sunset maybe purple instead. Whatever feels right to you:

You're almost there!

With the move tool ( a little hand) put your heart on the sand. If it's too big, go to Edit, Free Transform and adjust the size.

With your heart layer selected, go up to Edit, down to Transform- Perspective.

Grab the top corner of the heart and push in. When you feel like the perspective looks correct, hit the check box

or press Enter. You should see it all come together and look something like this!

Congratulations, you're a Photoshop guru!


If anyone has any questions about something specific they want to do, feel free to PM me :)

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:32 am
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