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$500 Ensemble: An Etsy DW Look


Here is an ensemble perfect for a destination wedding--entirely from etsy!  Please click on the pics for the source.

Dress:  Convertible white lace wedding dress $215 ($190+shipping to US)

I meant to post photo 3438550-1 

Headpiece:  Set of 3 hair flowers (I love the placement of them in this pic) $55.80 ($49+US shipping)

I meant to post photo 3438550-2

Jewelry:  Pearl necklace with rhinestones (18.00)and pearl and rhinestone earrings (4.99) Cost:24.14 (including shipping to US)

I meant to post photo 3438550-3

I meant to post photo 3438550-4

Footwear: Bridal Barefoot Sandals Cost:  $26.50 ($20+shipping)

I meant to post photo 3438550-5

Garter:  Something Blue Wedding Garter Cost: $35 ($30+shipping)

I meant to post photo 3438550-6

Bouquet:  White Calla Lily Bouquet with Customizable Ribbon  Cost: $53 ($45+shipping)

I meant to post photo 3438550-7

So, the grand total of this ensemble comes out to $409.44, which leaves the bride with $90.56, which is great if you want to upgrade something in the ensemble (or for those brides outside the US, this will help with extra shipping costs).  Hope this provides a little inspiration to those budget brides out there!

I love it!!! Great finds!

Thanks, Elise!  Bumping for other ladies who may have missed this.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:05 am
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