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Small town wedding, small town budget


First off, the wedding isn't for a year but I'm already planning and organizing things now so I can find the cheapest/best deal for my money.  My fiance and I plan on paying for the wedding ourselves and neither of us have much extra money after paying bills.  I have already bought the bridesmaid dresses from Victorias Secret for $59 a piece.  If anyone grows in any which way, that's ok!  The dresses have some spandex in them.  I also found this georgeous wedding dress online for $159 which includes free shipping, alterations, and any changes I want to do to the dress!  We are having an outdoor wedding with a beautiful view of the mountains and town.  We will be getting the chairs for free because my fiance is on the volunteer fire department.  And that also means the fire hall, tables, and chairs for the reception are free!  Decorations are going to be minimal because we are just going to hang things from the tree we are getting married in front of, sheppards hooks with flowers hanging from them down the isle, and rose petals along the isle.  My soon to be sister in law has found a cake decorator for us and that will only cost us the ingredients.  She will be doing the invitations and she took our engagement photos.  We also got friends for the DJ, wedding photos, and we are having the justice of the peace to marry us.  I had also found this wholesale wedding websight for many decorations.  I think I'm doing great so far on saving money and keeping the wedding pretty!

Last Updated: July 2, 2010 at 6:36 pm
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