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Is my dress right for me?


We beautiful brides come in all different shapes and sizes. So we need to know how to compliment what we got.

For our hourglass figure brides:

You have curves, and now is the time to show them off. The best dress for you lovely shape would be the mermaid/trumpet style to enhance that perfect shape.

For our boyish figure brides:

You need to look for gowns that create volume. Something with ruffles will do the trick, it will make it look as if you have an hourglass figure.

For our full chest figure brides:

You should try to find a dress that lessen the appearance of your chest. (If you like. LOL) Buy a dress that has an outstanding waistline so that eyes are drawn in at the level.

For our petite figure brides:

You are of a very small figure, so you need a dress that will not drown you. Look for lace type dresses with shear and or beaded details. Any big details will take all the focus off of you on your big day.

For our plus size figure brides:

An A-line dress will be better suited for your voluptuous curves. You could even find a dress with a corseted waist to show off that shape.

For our pear shape figure brides:

When looking for your dress find a dress that has a lot of detailing up top. This will have eyes drawn to the top of your body and not the bottom. An A-line dress will help in covering up your hips. (That is if you want them covered.)

So in the end no matter what dress you pick, you will look beautiful. Your dress is a part of you and your style. These are just helpful tips to guide you in your dress shopping. I am personally an hourglass and full chest bride. So you may need to combine some dress types. I hope this helps. Thanks for reading. 

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Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:44 am
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