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DIY: Snow globe ornaments


A week or so ago I asked for DIY ornament suggestions, and you girls so sweetly shared a lot of great ideas... in fact, it was that thread that inspired this snow globe ornament!

Yesterday I posted about photo 3247079-1

I initially made it for my friend, a fellow teacher... since it's like giving a "snow day." (Cheesy, I know ;)

Things You'll Need:

  • large glass or plastic ornament - Michaels sells these

  • small tree(s) - I used the ones in the Christmas Village section of Michaels - very inexpensive, although some will need to be "fluffed" a little because packaging smushes the branches

  • needle nose pliers (optional - these will just help to hold the wire "trunk" of the tree while you twist off the base of the tree)

  • hot glue gun

  • tweezers

  • something long and thin (pencil, etc.) to manuever a tree that may not be in correct placement

  • tinsel glitter

  • ribbon

  • small charm (optional) - I used a tiny snow globe, but one with the year, a snowflake, or other winter symbol would also work well

Step 1:

Prepare your items: remove the top from your ornament, heat up the hot glue gun (it needs to be reallllly hot), and "fluff" your tree(s) - I recommend making an "O" with your forefinger and thumb and running that from the base of the tree to the tip - you'll inevitably have to squeeze your tree into the ornament in that direction anyway, so it will help keep the shape of the tree looking neat. Some of the trees require that you remove the base from the bottom of the tree - I used needle nose pliers to help that job.

Yesterday I posted about photo 3247079-2

(see that wooden base? it had to go!)

Step 2:

Hold your ornament perfectly up right and the glue gun directly above the opening. Allow a few drops of glue to fall into the opening to the bottom of the ornament. Try to hit the direct center of the bottom, but don't worry if you get a little glue off to the sides - no one will notice, I promise!

Step 3:

Push your tree through the opening. As it gets close to the bottom, use tweezers to position the tree onto the glue spot.

Yesterday I posted about photo 3247079-3

Step 4:

Press the tree down with your finger or a pencil until the glue is dry. Then begin pouring your glitter! I used white tinsel glitter.

Yesterday I posted about photo 3247079-4

If the opening of the glitter container is too wide, trying pouring the glitter into the fold of a holiday card and then tilting that into the opening of the ornament - much easier!

Step 5:

Place a couple dots of glue around the top of the ornament "cap" and place it onto the ornament. (You don't want the glitter escaping!) And be careful - the metal cap will get hot!  

Step 6:

If you choose to use a charm, slide that onto the wire and insert the wire into the cap. Don't try to put the cap on with the wire inside - it will make it too difficult to put the cap on without bending it.

Yesterday I posted about photo 3247079-5 Yesterday I posted about photo 3247079-6

(Wire - separate from cap)                     (Charm on wire)

Step 7:

Tie a pretty ribbon on top, and you have your snow globe ornament!

Yesterday I posted about photo 3247079-7

Bonus: If your package of trees comes with some tiny trees, try placing four or five on the bottom of a smaller glass ornament. Just tilt the hot glue gun to hit different spots on the bottom of the ornament.

Yesterday I posted about photo 3247079-8

I chose to make a glue spot and position a tree one at a time - if you do all of the glue spots at once they will harden before you have a chance to position all of your trees.

Warning - these trees are harder to position, but don't get discouraged! Use a pencil to move them around a little inside if they don't end up in the right location on the first try!


Happy Crafting!


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:53 am
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