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80′s Themed Wedding


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If you’re looking for a great theme to wrap your wedding around – look to an 80′s theme.

One way to start your 80′s themed wedding off right is to make your guests involved in the preparation. Like, you may ask your guests to list down what some of their favorite 80′s songs are. Getting them involved in the planning ensures that the songs they will dance to later in the night are the ones they like to listen to.

With the right music you may even have some brave souls who are willing to do a little break dancing. Having a host of songs to choose from also allows you to recreate some infamous 80′s movie scenes, that will take your guests back and get the party started. Whether it’s a rendition of Tom Cruise’s famous scene from Risky Business, a host of zombied guests in the know, replicating Michael Jackson’s Thriller or the more romantic but equally well known Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey scene from Dirty Dancing.

When everyone gets tired of dancing, be ready with some party games. Play 80s style charades or a trivia game. After all, Trivial Pursuit was the game. You’ll have as much fun making up the questions as your guests will have playing the game!

Make your guests part of the decor. You can also ask them to lend you a photo of themselves in their wildest ’80s outfit. Make enlarged copies of these photos and hang them up around the reception area.

Add bunches of colorful neon balloons beside the front door or just inside it. You can attach the balloons to old cassette tapes to weigh them down, pile them together and you have a fantastic centerpiece or buffet decoration.

Let your guest know to come in their best 80′s fashion.

For your female guests, have an assortment of 80′s styled accessories they can make use of located in the bathroom, from leg warmers to bangles and neon gloves to crimpers and hairspray along with other 80′s hair accessories so the girls who just want to, can have a little fun.

For your male guests, you can have an assortment of skinny ties and wayfarer sun glasses, as well as some fun hair extensions to give these boys of summer the chance to recreate the full figured hair band looks of their youth.

To break the ice, the quintessential 80′s board game, and as wedding favors created from some favorite 80′s candy such as pop rocks, fizz candy or wax candies. Small rubics cube keychains also make for fun mementos of this era, as do neon colored favor boxes or bags filled with tasty treats.

Wow your friends with a personalized 80′s invitation.




Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:21 am
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