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Choosing your wedding cake can be a difficult task with all the styles and designs available. Visit the bakery and ask for a taste test! It’s the only way to sample all the various types of cakes. You’ll want to consider the following in your decision:

Cake flavors and fillings – Almond, vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake, ice cream, liqueur, fresh fruit, spice, carrot and banana are just some of the options available to tickle the taste buds of all your guests.

: In selecting the cake flavors it should goes to what flavor are being requested the most by your guests...and so your choice.

Cake frosting/icing – Fondant, butter cream, royal icing, cake decorators icing, marzipan and sugar paste or some of the sweetest choices to decorate your beautiful cake.

Design – You’re not limited to the traditional three tiered, white wedding cake. Stacked cakes, chocolate, contemporary patterns, fresh flowers, bright colors and mini cakes are all gaining in popularity. Consider adding details such as charms, beads, ribbons or unique cake toppers for a decorative touch.

: Cake frosting and design will always matters to the color and your wedding theme.

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