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Budget Savvy Bride - centerpiece savings


For our wedding I am always looking at ways to cut back where it makes sense.

Early on in the wedding planning my fiance and I decided we wanted our favourite chocolate cake as our wedding cake.  We then thought it might be rude to tell a baker exactly which recipe we would like him to use, but at the same time I wasn't confident in my skills to make a large wedding cake, especially the day before the wedding, as I have no experience with that whatsoever.

We talked about it and thought it would make sense to make small cakes (7" or 8") for each table and use them as centerpieces.  The cakes can be made ahead a week ahead of time and kept in the freezer, just needing to be iced the day before the wedding (and ideally this job will be split between myself, my mom and MIL).

We are putting one large orchid on top of each cake (my florist is providing these at $5 a pop!).

We will have the couple at each table that has been married the longest cut the cake for the rest of the guests at that table.

This is a huge help in keeping our centerpiece costs down, while adding an unique 'very-us' element to the wedding.  We drastically cut the centerpiece cost, the cake costs are minimal and we altogether avoided the cake cutting fee - win, win win!


Last Updated: July 15, 2010 at 9:29 am
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