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Budget Savvy Bride: Kate’s Story


My name is Kate and ever since I was a little girl, I've imagined my dream wedding; a big hall full of family while walking up an aisle lined with rose pettles wearing a stunning white dress. Well, since Christmas Day 2010, all that planning I did years ago came into reality when my boyfriend of over three years proposed to me. We decided on our wedding date within 4 hours of being engaged; it was going to be August 13th, 2011...on our 5 year anniversary. I started planning everything immediatly, everywhere from guest lists, to decorations, to cake....and that's when it hit me, how were we going to afford this? Weddings that cost over $20,000.00 are not unheard of and it didn't help that people kept mentioning this over and over and there was no way I could ever pull this off. That's when I realised that I'm a crafty person, so why not DIY everything?

Basically this is our plan. We are having our Ceramony and Reception for about 200 guests at my parent's acerage which has been in the family for generations which I would choose over some hall any day. I'm creathing the Invitations, Save The Dates, and basically anything stationary-wise on my computer then print them out and send them out. My hair and makeup will be done by a good family friend who has done my hair for years and is amazing at this kind of work...she is also our DJ and I can't help but dance to anything that she plays! Oh and did I meantion this is free aswell? That knocks off four BIG costs in the average wedding already. For our big day, I'm making all of the decorations and signs by hand which will include mason jar candle holders, and the bouquets and boutonnieers will be silk flowers that I'll purchase/arrange myself. For the food, we are supplying the main basics like salads, buns, snacks, etc. And asking our guests to bring a dish each, so in other words we are having a pot-luck. We will also supply each table with 2 bottles of home-made wine for toasting, then ask everyone to B.Y.O.B if they feel like they want to drink more. Our cake is simply a small chocolate one that will sit at the top of a homemade cupcake stand that will hold about 250 homemade cupcakes...needless to say I'm getting excited for the taste-testing!

There will be a few things that we'll have to splurge on, like rentals, my dress, etc. Our set budget is $5000.00 but I've already cut out a lot of costs so I'm too concerned. Like I said, everything that can be DIY will be DIY because not only will that save us a bunch of money, but it also adds a very personal touch to one of our biggest days of our lives!



Last Updated: July 18, 2010 at 2:37 pm
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