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Flowers.... I personally do not like flowers and hate roses, so I did not want to spend a lot of money in this area of the wedding. I wanted to keep this under one thousand dollars and I easily accomplished that by choosing in season flowers.

 I knew I wanted a fall wedding because I love the colors and weather of the season. The good thing about the fall is a lot of really pretty flowers bloom during the September-November months. Picking a flower that is in season makes a BIG difference when it comes to prices. The only issue about getting flowers in the season you want to marry in is you can only see a sample of your flowers together in person during the season you choose. I came across that issue when I went to see my centerpieces for the first time- in the late fall, early winter. I had just missed the cut off date of when my flowers were going to be available and now I was stuck looking at a centerpiece without my main flower showing. Good thing I found an amazing florist and trust her completely.

The one thing I have learned while planning a wedding is not to stress about anything. That might seem a little crazy but it’s totally doable. What you need to do is leave all the professional things up to the professionals. I am not a florist, I just know I like a certain flower, but the florist will let me know if this flower is too big or over powering, she’ll also know if flowers have too strong of a scent over other flowers. So I put her in charge, I look at it this way… it’s her company on the line, if I hear comments from my wedding about how amazing the flowers were I will definitely recommend her work to others, if I hear how awful the flowers were I will definitely let everyone know who NOT to get their flowers from. The same goes for everyone professionally involved in the wedding. Everyone is there to make money and to get more clientele so I say step back and let the professionals do their job, if they screw up it’s their money lost not yours. I understand that you may have already paid them in full but for every 1 bad review comes 5 people passing along that information and another 5 then another 5. So that DJ or florist might not see anyone walking into their establishment for awhile. Remember that your day is still your day, if the flowers didn’t come out the way you expected or the DJ played some songs you didn’t want to hear it’s not going to ruin your day.

At the end of your day you are still married to your best friend and that’s what really matters at your wedding.

Last Updated: October 6, 2011 at 8:55 am
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