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Starting the planning process- Venue & Food


I have 1 month until my wedding and I have many people asking me on daily basis “How’s the planning going?” when I tell them “I’ve been done” they always have a shocked look on their face.

You ever encounter brides who plan their wedding in a month- or just a few weeks? It’s very possible to do this. Luckily we had over a year to plan but I knew exactly what I wanted so everything was planned in less than 3 months.

Websites and friends might give their opinions on what to do first once engaged- the advice I would give is enjoy being engaged for a moment. Take it all in because you probably wont get that moment back for some time. The first thing I think is the easiest thing to plan and is a great weight lifted off your shoulders is- find a venue.

When you search for a venue I take three things into consideration- Location, Food and Ambiance. Those three are not in any particular order but I believe they are extremely important when selecting a venue. Do you want your guests to get to your venue with ease and comfort? Of course you do. This might make you rethink about having your wedding 8 hours out of town on a private island in a castle. The saying “If your guests REALLY want to come to your wedding they will” does not always apply. We live in a time where jobs are scarce and money is tight- your 8 hour destination wedding might be extremely inconvenient to people, so perhaps rethink how you can recreate your dream location with a closer location for all of your guests. You should be looking at several locations, while you are looking at these locations you need to do food tastings. It doesn’t matter if the place looks fantastic and it has that “wow” factor, if the food doesn’t taste good it should be off your list of contenders. You can change the look of a place, but you can’t make the food taste better- walk away from any place that just doesn’t have good food.

After you found the PERFECT location with great tasting food ask yourself this, “Are you happy with how the place looks?” If you were lucky to find a venue in a great location with fantastic food and the venue needs little to no redecorating- then you really did luck out. But if you found a place where you need to do some rearranging then this could become pricey. Always ask the person showing you around the venue what can and cannot be done to your venue. Can you have candles? Can you add drapes? Can you add your own dance floor? Get all of the information you need then figure out what needs to be done.

Hopefully, you found your perfect venue, in your perfect location, the food is fantastic and you don’t need to redecorate. Once you found your venue the next thing is picking a date- once that is chosen the rest is simple. The way I chose my date was really easy. We found our venue in the summer of 2010, we knew we wanted a fall wedding but we knew we couldn’t afford the fall of 2010- so we chose the fall of 2011. Next we just wanted a date that wouldn’t interfere with other close friends/family members important dates (anniversaries’, birthdays, etc.) Not everyone needs to follow that format but for us it worked out really well, we chose a date that worked for everyone and it just so happens to be the day before my birthday- BONUS!

Last Updated: October 6, 2011 at 8:49 am
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