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Want white teeth for your wedding?


I do not like dentists, I do not like going to them and I really hate the act of taking care of your teeth. I know teeth are important especially when you will be photographed while smiling for an entire day.

So how do you get white teeth for your wedding without spending hundreds of dollars on a professional whitening your teeth? By brushing your teeth at least 5 times a day.

First what you need to do is get a at home whitening kit- any kind will do. I like Rembrandt even though my dentist has recommended Crest stripes but they all seem the same. Get the one that will give you results in a week you don't need to wait two weeks for white teeth. This will jump start the whitening process.

Now to make your teeth really white and keeping them white you will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom brushing. When you wake up in the morning you need to Listerine first- always use Listerine no alternative it's the best out there. The Listerine will kill all the bacteria in your mouth, then you brush for 2 minutes. After you brush you go ahead and eat your breakfast. After breakfast you brush your teeth, now this time you do not have to brush for another 2 minutes just brush to the point where you feel clean. If you have time at this point you can floss now. The more you floss the healthier your gums will be and the healthier your teeth will become. You would like obtain nice pink gums- no redness.

Now later on in the day you might be at work- this is where it gets difficult to brush your teeth but I have found it very easy. I take a mini brush in a small coin purse with a small tube of paste and I brush my teeth after I eat lunch. Also it feels REALLY good to brush your teeth in the middle of the day!

As you can probably tell after dinner you need to brush your teeth. The last time you need to brush your teeth is right before bed, at this point you Listerine again to get rid of all of the bacteria that the brushing didn't remove also you will need to floss at this point since you haven't flossed all day and there will be stuff in your teeth.

In a week you should have bright pink gums and whiter teeth. Keep this up until it's close to the wedding day and be sure you get a dental cleaning a week or 2 before the wedding- your teeth will be sparkly white.


Last Updated: October 6, 2011 at 8:19 am
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