DIY Magnet Save the Date


It's no secret that save the dates magnets are popular currently, as they are both stylish and practical. But are you looking for an alternative to the normal save the date magnets that everyone has seen? Here are some simple instructions for how to come up with your own one-of-a-kind magnetic save the dates...


Heavy weight cardstock

Medium weight cardstock

Business card sized adhesive magnets (available at Staples, Office Max, etc)

Double-sided tape

Paper trimmer


Step 1. Make your design. I made mine in photoshop. If you are looking for graphics, check out That is where I found my gate and key designs. 

Step 2. Print out design on medium weight cardstock.

Step 3. With a paper trimmer, cut medium weight cardstock to desired size (mine were cut to 4.75" x 3").

Step 4. Cut heavy cardstock to desired size, making sure it is larger in size than medium weight cardstock (mine were cut to 5.5" x 3.5").

Step 5 (optional). If desired, finish edges using a rounded corner punch. These can be bought at scrapbook or craft stores.

Step 6. Using double-sided tape, tape medium weight cardstock to heavy cardstock. I placed tape all around the perimeter of the white cardstock to be sure it stuck properly. Be sure to keep it centered.

Step 7. Peel backing off back of adhesive magnets and stick to center of back.

My Total Cost:

$4.99 pack of 25 business card sized adhesive magnets= .20 cents each

$10.99 for 250 sheets of white medium weight cardstock= .04 cents each

$.59 per sheet of heavy weight cardstock, 3 cut-outs per sheet= .19 cents each

$3.49 for 25 plain white envelopes= .13 cents each

42 cent postage each

Grand total: 98 cents each

Last Updated: November 17, 2013 at 4:41 am
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