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DIY Bling Out Chargers



For the Budget cautious bride that still want a little Not the best work but it will do! What do you ladies think!

For my Sweet Heart Table


* Charger: Hobby Lobby $1.99

* Craft Quality Acrylic Stones: Hobby Lobby $15.99 with 40% off coupon = $9.60

* Gem Tac Glue: Ebay $3.50 [free shipping]

* Magical Pick/Jewelry setter: Ebay 15.00 (pricey) I used my fingers mostly

* Patience: PRICELESS

Step 1:

Since the beads that I got were all different sizes, I had to separate the sizes that I wanted to use.

For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-1

Step 2:

Wiped the area of the charger clean.

For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-2

Step 3:

Applied glue onto area from top first in two inch increments

For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-3

Step 4:

Applied the rhinestones on glue until completely around the charger.


 For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-4

Depending on the size of the rhinestone you may have a gap so I accomodated by spacing the rhinestones out.

First row done!

For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-5


Second row:

For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-6

Almost done:




For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-7

Completed charger!

For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-8


Bad lighting *_*

For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-9

For the Budget cautious photo 2914568-10


Time: It took me about 5 minutes to do one row of rhinestones on each plate.(2 Plates)


S/N: You can do these anyway you want! There are no limits to what you can create! :)

Happy planning!




Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:28 am
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