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Some Info about Eternity Bands...



Hey Ladies,

The jeweler AKA FI asked me to tell this to you ladies ;-)

B careful w/ picking an eternity band because God forbid later on you need to resize your'll have a problem because there is NO metal to take away or add an option is to do an eternity band that goes 3/4ths of the way!


Oooh, smart tip!!!


I have a enternity engagement ring and and wedding band and we ordered it 1/4 size larger.  But my rings are Taccori and should you ever need it larger or smaller they will remake the ring for you at no charge! (you just have to wait 8-10 weeks).

One down fall is that I have worn my engagement ring for a year now and I have lost two stones on the bottom but they replaced them and were very good about it but still stinks that I had to part with it not once but twice in the year we have owned it and even though we paid 8k for the semi mount you still can't prevent that from happening!


Good tip! I think mine only goes 3/4 around, so that's good to hear!


This is the problem with my wedding ring, it's an eternity band and it's maybe a quarter size small for me (something I couldn't tell until I started wearing it all the time) and I can't get it re-sized! My uncle owns a jewelery shop and he told me that when I brought it in to re size it. Oh well they said once the wedding season business slowed down they would just re-set the stones in a different band for me that's 3/4 eternity and melt the other one down. I'm lucky to have something like that in the family or it wouldn't be cheap!


Great tip mine only goes a little over half way around so im good!!!


ur absolutely right ro!!! it can be a problem!!! im getting a 3/4 eternity myself..


yes, good tip!  our jeweler mentioned that when we recently visited.  i was looking for a ring for my right hand.


Very good tip! I have engraving on my e-ring & wedding band and both are only 3/4th.


ohhh good tip!  i would've never thought about that.  my wedding band will just be a simple band, but we were thinking of getting an eternity band as an anniversary band later on down the line (otherwise when i stop wearing my e-ring, my wedding band will look super plain by itself!).


very good point. That's exactly what I was planning on doing with mine!


glad i can help!


this was a great post! I would never have thought about the resizing issue and I am one to have issues with my fingers swelling. I am fearful that after I have children that my fingers will be bigger than before (my mom's went up about half size or so even after). Thanks for the forewarning!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:32 pm
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