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DIY Wedding Challenge: Brooch Bracelet



When I first saw Dana Saylor's creations on PW, I will admit I wanted to jump right on the bandwagon.  However, once I saw the price tag on those beauties, I thought "Hey I can make my own!"  And I did!


vintage brooch

pearl beads in size 6mm and 8mm(you can get 4 mm beads as well if you want 5 strands)

rondelles in sizes 6mm and 8mm

clear beading wire

silver crimps

jewelry long nose pliers

one multi-strand clasp (3 strand in my case)



1) Cut a long piece of beading wire (longer than the circumference of your wrist--you will cut it down later)

2) Attach it to one side of the brooch by looping it through a crimp bead, then through a middle opening on the brooch and then threading it through the crimp bead again.  Take your pliers and set the crimp bead in place by squeezing it flat. 

3) Repeat step 2 twice.  Once on an opening above the middle and once on an opening below. 

4) Now repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side.

5) Now you're ready to start beading.  Start with the middle strand.  You will use the larger pearl beads (size 8mm) here.  Thread one pearl bead through the wire and follow it with a rondelle.  Now bead two pearl beads and follow those with a rondelle.  Continue alternating two pearl beads and one rondelle until the strand reaches about halfway around your wrist. 

6) For the next two strands on either side of the larger beads, you will use the next size down (size 6mm).  You want to make sure your rondelles alternate with the middle strand.  Use 3 pearl beads followed by a rondelle.  Continue that pattern until it reaches the length of the middle strand. 

7) Now repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other side of the brooch.

8) You may have to play around with the length of both sides to ensure proper fitting around your wrist.  Once you are happy with the lengths, you are now ready to attach your clasp.

9) Thread your wire through a crimp bead then through the corresponding loop on the clasp.  Finally thread the end of the wire through the crimp bead again and close it with your pliers.

10) Repeat step 9 for all strands.

Last Updated: March 9, 2009 at 6:46 am
Tags: DIY Wedding
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