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DIY Wedding Challenge-Passport STD's





Colored cardstock (for cover)

White cover cardstock

Round corner punch

Adhesive runner

Clear thread & needle

Embossing powder

Heat gun



These were created on MS Publisher.  Here’s what you do: open a new document and set it to booklet.  I added 4 additional pages for a total of 8 (on booklet mode you have to add increments of 4).  Next, set your measurements as 4”x5”.  Now you’re ready to start filling your book.  If you have your own passport it helps tremendously!  For the inside cover, insert a text box as big as your page.  Set the text to show in a vertical direction. I didn't want white pages on my passport so I chose a background from the ones provided by Microsoft.   

Now you're ready to begin. Find a cute picture of you two and place it in the top left hand corner.  Next copy the information normally contained in your passport tweaking it to fit a wedding.  On the following page do the same with the secretary of state message.  Next fill your pages with activities, things to do, information about your locale, a map, etc.  Be creative!  For the back two pages, allow an area for the passport stamps (we used this area to attach our STD magnet).  When all your pages are filled, print your front cover on an inkjet printer.  As it is coming out of the printer, spread your embossing powder to cover the image and writing.  Take your heat gun and “set” the embossing powder.  Next print your individual pages.  I had to print them one by one for it to work.  When they are all printed, trim your pages down to size.  Take your needle and thread and sew down the middle of the book (beginning and ending on the back end).  When you’re finished sewing, glue your book to your front cover with your adhesive runner.  Take your round corner punch and punch all the corners.  Voila! You’re finished!


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:44 am
Tags: DIY Wedding
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