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Putting on the Bling!




clear thread

18mm rhinestone letter charms (from Petco)

3mm round flatback crystals


strong glue (I used Aleene's Ok to Wash it Glue because that's what I had on hand)



To attach the "I DO" letter charms to the front of your shoes you just need to showcase some creative sewing.  Position your letter charms in the center of the shoe front.  The letter charms have a slider bar behind the letter because they are meant to go on kitty or doggie collars. So if your shoes are like mine, you can just sew around the top part of the slider bar and then the bottom to secure them in place.  If you have another type of shoe that makes the last step difficult you will have to physically sew the charms onto the shoe.  Voila! 

To create the blinging heel, all you need a very strong adhesive, some tweezers and some 3mm flat back rhinestones.  Start by spreading a thin line of glue horizontally along the bottom of the heel.  Then you'll have to work fast to ensure strongest adhesion.  Pick up one rhinestone at a time with your tweezers and place it on the glue line.  Continue this until you have created your first line of bling.  Then simply continue those steps as you work your way up the heel until it's completely covered.  Once you've finished both heels, allow them 1-2 days to completely air dry. 

The shoes before:



The shoes after:


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:28 am
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