DIY: "Opulent Treasures" Cake Stand


I've been looking for these opulent treasures cake stands in my local homegoods stores after seeing them on pinktulips bio but have been unsuccessful! I think I may have missed them by months!  I was disappointed and pretty much gave up on the search...

Then I saw this post: which inspired me. Heeeeeellllo!

Earlier I posted this: Whew! I had my high for the day!

So now, I'm posting this:

These are earring backings purchased from Michael's.  Ones you would use to DIY your own jewelry.  They have two kinds and I chose these because the circle gave me more surface space to glue them on the plate.

They're no Opulent Treasures, I know but they'll do and they're YTRIEU TREASURES! lol! I'll post my other DIY's when I'm done with them! My poor index fingers are sore from holding down the spray cans & my stomach is really angry with me! ;)

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:16 am
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