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**Pinterest Planning Party**


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Though I am no longer planning my own wedding I am helping with the planning of my BMs spring baby shower & another BMs summer 2013 wedding. I have come up with a brilliant idea to not only bond with the other ladies & get some DIYs done, but we will also get a chance to try out some of the awesome recipes everyone has pinned.

Each person brings the DIY(s) & supplies they want to try, a recipes every one can munch on, a festive libation, and their laptops! Not only do you have a fun way to get others involved with DIYs you all get a chance to possibly find fabulous food and drinks that can be used on the big day, wedding shower, RD, or just for an upcoming gathering. Moreover, invitees can bring quotes to create a scrap book/photo collage as a gift and reminder to give the bride/baby/party recipient. I am so excited to have our first one and see what lovely things we come up with! You have a couple PPP's & before you know it so many things will be coming together!!

Not planning anything? You can still have a Pinterest party!! Have a fitness themed party bring fun easy workouts everyone can try followed by healthy treats. A group of Moms can get together and create fun learning tools for their children. Redoing a room? Christmas? Easter? I think you get the idea, it is such a great site filled with creative & fun ideas so why not take virtual sharing to real life sharing and the executing of so many wonderful projects & ideas!

If you have any other ideas to add I would love to hear them!!


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:34 am
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