DIY Fold Over Invitations


Supplies Used:

Below purchased from

  • RSVP Envelopes

  • Outer Envelopes

  • Fold over cards


  1. Purchased paper linen shimmer paper from


  1. Ribbon

  2. Dots

  3. GlueGun & glue sticks

  4. Rhinestones

Created invite design in Illustrator and had printed & cut at Kinkos. Then used a strong hold glue to attach the rhinestones. Be sure to check your rhinestones after dried as some of mine had fallen off due to not enough glue and had to be re glued. I didn't want to go through all the work just to have guests receive a fallen apart invite :)

Used glue dots to afix the invite to the back of fold over:

Affix the ribbon underneath the invite and around the card:

Use dot on underside of ribbon and place on underside of invite card:

Wrap ribbon all the way around card to the other side:

affix another dot to underside of ribbon and glue down:

This part is where the glue gun will come in...this is where the most patience is will determine how DIY it will look because of seams of ribbon & glue gun marks.

This ribbon is what will hold in your rsvp & direction cards etc. The ribbon needs to be the size of your largest card in order for them not to slip out and keep their position on the card.

wrap the ribbon around your largest piece and use glue gun to glue the ribbon together shiny side up.  After a few sec's and the glue has dried remove the ribbon from your largest piece.  My envelope below I used only 1 as a template guideline for all of the ribbon pieces...this envelope was thrown away because in order to get the size ribbon some glue will go over to the envelope. You will need to do this step for each invite to get the exact size. I did all the ribbons needed at once so I could move on to the next step.

Remove from largest piece (mine is rsvp envelope) you will have your seam


Leave 1/4" from seam and trim extra

Glue extra ribbon back w/glue gun to hide extra ribbon:

On you fold over card glue on the existing ribbon that wraps around the entire fold over card and affix your new ribbon to it as pic indicates:

w/glue gun glue a line the length of where your ribbon is to be attached so that it will lay flat.

Insert all of your cards and you are done.

For the front side of the card I attached using dots

a plain layer of shimmer cardstock underneath the ribbon & my front design card on top of underlayer cardstock & ribbon 



Last Updated: November 17, 2013 at 4:45 am
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