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$$$ Ideas to trim your wedding budget $$$


Ideas to trim your wedding budget!!!!

Here are some great and easy ideas on how to save some money on your big day ♥


Consider a signature cocktail-

Serve a custom-made cocktail, such as punch or a classic libation, instead of providing a full bar


Limit alcoholic beverage choices –

Limit alcoholic beverages to wine and beer, choices that will satisfy most of your guests. Join mailing lists at wine shops, then, when wines you want for your wedding go on sale, buy in bulk and in magnum sizes to save. When you're ready to buy wine, go with wholesale. You'll pay your caterer a corkage fee to pour it, but wine purchased through him can cost twice as much. Most merchants offer a 10 percent discount for buying wine by the case, and they'll often increase that if you purchase several cases at once.


Consider a wedding breakfast or brunch –

Breakfasts, brunches, and afternoon teas are usually more affordable than evening receptions: They're shorter, the fare is lighter, and guests tend to consume less liquor early in the day.


Buy local ingredients –

Have your caterer use local fruits and vegetables that are in season. Not only will these items be more economical, they'll taste fresher.


Avoid pricey main course –

Use expensive ingredients, such as lobster, in hors d'oeuvres rather than in a main course. Consider a raw bar for cocktail hour stocked with fresh clams, oysters on the half shell, and poached jumbo shrimp, lobster, smoked mussels, and crab cocktails.


Forgo Full Dinner service–

How dinner is served affects the price. French service, in which guests are served by waiters from a platter at the table, and regular plate service are the most expensive. More economical is family style, where diners help themselves from serving dishes brought to the table.


Make wedding cake the dessert –

Dispense with a separate dessert course, and just present the wedding cake as dessert, with coffee and tea to end the meal.


Punch and cake Reception –

A punch-and-cake reception held in the late morning or afternoon is the least expensive type of party. To make it special, serve several cakes of different designs and flavors, or make punch in colors that match your palette.


Two Wedding cakes can be cheaper –

Order two cakes for the reception: a large sheet cake and a small fancy one to be used for display and the cake-cutting ceremony. The sheet cake, which can be less elaborately decorated than the other, gets sliced and dished up in the kitchen.


Repurpose your wedding flowers –

Make floral arrangements do double duty: If there's an adequate number of ceremony flowers and they're an appropriate size, they can serve as centerpieces at the reception; otherwise they can decorate guest-book, seating-card, and favor tables. Place bridesmaids' bouquets on the cake table.


Turn Favors into centerpieces-

As an alternative to traditional flower centerpieces, group favors together on the table. Even if you spend a bit more on the favors themselves, you'll probably save overall.


Two in One favor place cards –

Use favors as seating or place cards to save a bit on stationery costs. For seating cards, write guests' names and table numbers on strips of paper, affix them to the favors, and set in order on a table near the entrance. For place cards, put favors with names attached at guests' places.


Downsize your bridal party –

Try to keep the number of attendants as small as possible: The larger the bridal party, the more you'll spend for gifts and flowers.


Fly on Credit -

Pay wedding costs with a credit card to earn frequent-flyer miles toward your honeymoon. Just make sure to avoid incurring interest charges by paying the balance in full each month


Sample Size your makeup –

If you're getting your wedding look done at a makeup counter, buy only the items you'll definitely use again (e.g., lipstick). Scoop up samples of anything you'll use only on the big day (e.g., face powder).


Give a newbie a chance –

There are many talented photographers who haven't made a name for themselves yet, and their lack of fame can save you a fortune. If you fall hard for a photographer who's in high demand, ask if she'll refer you to a lower-priced colleague (just make sure you like his work before you commit).

Source (and more ideas) I ♥ me some Marth Stewart!!!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:42 am
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