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Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-1

Inside the above ornament is a wedding invitation. 


 You can either do this with you own invitation or with one that’s given to you and give it back to the couple as a gift for thee first Christmas together.

 Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-2

I cut it into quarter inch strips.  It cut apart pretty accurately without having to snip extra off, and I was able to pull off the key details in the slices.

Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-3


I rolled it around a pen.  The invitation was pretty thick, but it turned out OK

 Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-4Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-5Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-6

I then took a glass ornament, and I inserted the curled strips into the ornament.  I love that the times, names, locations etc can be glimpsed throughout the ornament. 

 Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-7Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-8

Put a charm that matches the theme of the wedding. This one was a destination so a shell charm seemed appropriate.  I thought about doing the wedding colors, but I decided to just stick with the cream.  I don't know if her tree has a particular color theme, but I figured cream was safest. 

Inside the above ornament photo 3185300-9

(This could easily done with birth announcements, baby shower invites  etc as a time capsule of sorts)

I love this idea! Saving, thank you hon!

 I saw these on pinterest and loved them.  My two daughters were married this year and I made these for both of them.  Can't wait to send them out.

This is awesome!! Might have to steal this one :)

Cute, that's so sweet. What a lovely idea

How awesome! I love this :) Great Idea!

That is really it.

Love it! Saving this idea! thank you for sharing!

What a cute idea! I'm definitely doing this!

So sweet! i love it!

Love this !

That is gorgeous!!!!

How creative! I am so doing this with ours & w a friends for next year!

Saving this! What an awesome idea!

O! M! G!  I love this!  Christmas is my favorite time to decorate and to incorporate our wedding invitations - perfect!

Wow! I absolutely love this. My BF got married this year and I think this would be a lovely Christmas gift for them. Thank you for sharing!

I made one of these last year and I LOVE it!  I don't remember where I found it as I was planning, but it's one of my favorite ornaments on the tree.  So cute!

This is cute. 

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