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Our budget wedding


Our wedding hasn't taken place, yesterday was our 4 month mark and I am definitely beginning to worry a little, not for any other reason but that its going to take a ton of organizational skills to pull it off....

We are doing the entire thing pretty much ourselves, and a few of our friends, crazy you say? Nah, just full of adventure, and sadly lacking in funds.

We discussed our budget early on, and decided on a number.....3000.00, yeah you read that right THREE THOUSAND one of the most expensive areas of the country to get married. And a guest list of 75.

First off, the location. I can't tell you how many hours I spend searching the internet looking for possible locations, It seemed like every beautiful location cost the entire amount of our budget, until we found this beauty:

A county funded park, on the edge of the Chesepeake Bay with lovely water views

And even a rustic quaint pavilion area for the reception, which included a fireplace, woohooo!

We plan to do some type of draping between the posts with sheer material, similar to this LINK

The total cost for the garden + pavilion? A cool 410.00 and its an awesome venue with cool picture places, I am so excited to see how everything turns out!

My dress I purchased from the local Running of the Brides event for 250.00, it was originally a 1300.00 gown by Mori Lee, the alterations are going to cost right around 100.00. Mine is ivory so the gold doesn't show up as much, and mine doesn't seem nearly as poofy, I think she may be wearing a crinoline under hers.

I was inspired by Princesslasertrons lovely felt and button bouquets and decided to create my own, I think I have spent about 50.00 for 4 of these.

Boys bouttinierres, total of 15.00 to make these

I'm making muslin tablecloths for the tables and seat covers for the benches, this will cost around 75.00.

Also making burlap table runners, this was a total cost of 12.00! But, that crap is a pia to work with.

Food will cost us around 500.00, we have a lovely friend who is doing baked ziti, salad, and bread. Another friend doing appetizers, and yet another friend doing our cake.

Alcohol is not allowed in the park, so we will be doing some type of mocktail, once I figure out what I want.

Centerpieces are milk glass vases, all purchased at goodwill and thrift stores for less then 1.00, will put various fresh flowers in these, probably gerbers or dahlia's. Hurricane vase in the center with candle inside, black metal candelholders that I got on sale from Pier 1 for a steal. Here is an example picture:(Keep in mind that this was just a trial, the linens will be ironed ;0 )


We purchased our invitations from target, they are the "letterprint look" ones, I plan to fancy them up a bit with fancier envelopes and some type of bow....

My fiancee has worked in the sign industry for years, he used to actually make them, but now does more of the design, he surprised me with this the other day, all made with wood he had laying around


I could go on and on with the details of our wedding, but I think I have touched on the high points of how we are saving money. I hope that in some small way our wedding will inspire others with big dreams and small funds that you can have a beautiful, meaningful day, even without all of the bells and whistles! I have enjoyed the planning of my wedding so much, it is a challenge to me personally to see how inexpensively we can end up doing things. Best of luck to all of the brides out there planning their day, I'm sure it will be lovely and everything you dreamed of.

Last Updated: October 27, 2014 at 8:57 am
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