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DIY Aisle Runner =)


DIY Aisle Runners.

Step 1:

Create a pdf file with how you want your monogram to look. Be sure to keep the names, date, initials, and any phrases proportionate to how you want them to look on the actual aisle runner. You can also make this as a Microsoft document, as long as the font is a standard font found on any computer. If it is a font you downloaded, you will need to make/save it as a pdf.

Step 2:

Save pdf/Microsoft word document to a flash drive.

Step 3:

Measure width of aisle runner or the height or width of the area you plan on using.

Step 4:

Take your flash drive to Staples and ask them to print it to desired size. For example, I asked for mine to be printed at 36 inches, since that was the width of my aisle runner. The length was then 48 inches, which was automatically calculated for me.

Step 5:

Take the printing from Staples and lay it on something flat and hard and tape in place. Lay the aisle runner on top in the desired spot to paint it, making sure it's straight. If your aisle runner is sturdy and not super thin, you can tape it down. Mine was too thin to do this and ripped when I pulled the tape off, so test a small piece if you're not sure and can spare cutting off an few inches.

Step 6:

SLOWLY paint. Just be careful not to drop your brush like I did ;)

Step 7:

After painting is complete, peel off the aisle runner from the monogram sheet from Staples. If it dries on there and the paint bled through, I'm not sure how difficult it will be to get the paper off then. Put a box or something underneath the aisle runner so that the paint doesn't touch your surface and so it will dry quicker.

For glitter and gems:

Spray a quick dusting of spray glue over the desired section and sprinkle glitter to desired amount and shake off after drying. Apply hotfix gems as desired too.


I did mine in sections... the K first, peeled off of monogram from Staples, let it dry, cut away the K from the monogram, and then did the names and dates and repeated, this way nothing got too dry and stuck to the paper!

Here s my DIY photo 3042291-1 

Here s my DIY photo 3042291-2

Here s my DIY photo 3042291-3


Last Updated: June 19, 2015 at 2:44 pm
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