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DIY Memorial Candles


Looking to do some personalized memorial candles to display at your reception? These are so simple and easy that anyone can do them!


- Chosen candles of any color or size.

- Ribbon in your chosen color

- 8.5x 11 sheet of Vellum (Frosty colored paper, found in the scrapbooking section at craft stores)

- Gems and gem glue

- Photo paper

- Tape gun (found at craft stores for a few dollars in the adhesive section)

- You can also use heavy duty double sided tape if necessary 


1.) Go to Microsoft word and design the words. I turned my page layout to landscape to make it easier.  Print this on a regular piece of paper first to test it and see if you like the design and font size. Make any necessary changes, then print it on the piece of vellum paper. Let dry completely.

2.) Cut the vellum above and below the writing, into strips. Wrap it around the candle and use your adhesive to adhere it.

3.) Print the photos to desired size, cut, and then use your adhesive on the back.. be sure to get the edges and corners good so that the corners don't pop up when you put it on the candle. Stick the photo to the candle in your desired spot.

4.) Put the ribbon in your desired spot and use the adhesive again to keep it in place.

5.) Place gems on the candle using a gem glue and you're done!


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:20 pm
Tags: DIY Wedding
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