DIY Wedding Challenge: Bird and nest jewelry boxes for bridesmaids



Small cardboard jewelry boxes

scrapbook paper

colored card stock

Small bird and nest

plastic eggs and craft moss

feathers, paper flowers, leaves

adhesive pearls


double sided tape

Mod Podge and paint brush


Paper Trimmer

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Dye cutting machine such as the Cuttlebug and alphabet dyes


Measure the top of the boxes and cut your paper to fit.  Adhere with double sided tape.  Use hot glue to glue feathers to top of box.  Hot glue the moss, bird and eggs into the nest.  After that has dried, hot glue the nests on top of the box, positioning it over the feathers.  Affix pearls to centers of flowers and glue flower and leaf to the top of the box in front of the nest. 

Cut a strip of paper the desired width, and tape around the sides of the box, starting in the back.  Piece a strip onto the back, matching up with the two sides already on the box. 

Using a dye cutting machine, cut the letters out of pink card stock.  Using paper punches, punch medallions out of colored card stock and put together using double sided tape.  Glue your letter on the front and brush with Mod Podge.  Once it dries, glue or tape onto the front of your box over the strip of paper.  Tie a ribbon around the box to keep it closed.



Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:27 am
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