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Cupcake Flags!


What you will need:

Tooth picks

Drilled through beads of your choice

Paper color of your choice

Ink pad and rubber stamps of your choice

Wood Glue

Glue Stick

Exacto Knife

Step One: Cut the Paper Down into Flag Size

I used several colors of paper, since my theme is the circus. However any color can be used to fit your purposes. I cut mine to 1/2 inch by 3 inch. This leaves plenty of room to stamp up to 4 letters or to cut a triangle out. 

Step Two: Fold in Half and Stamp

In my case, I stamped the word "Bam". (See profile for explinantion) 'Love' would work here as well, or 'Eat' 'Drink' and 'Be Married' or any other stamp you might like, such as hearts, or wedding bells, etc... 

Step Three: Glue Together

Setting up an 'assembly line' really helps in this step. First, use the glue stick on the inside of half of the flag, set to the side. Next, dip a tooth pick about 1/2 inch in the wood glue. (I put my wood glue in a small tupperware to make this step easier.) Attach the bead to the top. Underneath the bead, fold the flag around the tooth pick and secure the sides together. The wood glue should secure the bead and the flag to the tooth pick, the glue stick should secure the flag to itself. 

Step Three: Set Aside to Dry

Set the flags aside to let the wood glue and glue stick dry. This can be your final step or... 

Step Four: Cut the End

If you so choose, the flag can be kept square, but as an little something extra, it is very easy to use an exacto knife to cut out a triangle off the end. The end result is a super cute cupcake flag that can be personalized to fit any shower, rehearsal dinner, reception, or any other party. 


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:52 pm
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