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spring wedding invitations


These invitations are very easy. I had several ideas but this one won.

I didn't like any invitations at shops as they are quite plain and boring. I wanted some bright yellow colour, reflecting spring....well at the end we are not going to marry in spring but almost.:o) 

Here is how it was done. 

I used A4 card, rubber stamp, folding tool, ribbon, ink pad and gel pens

Invitation photo 1

The writting and printing is done on home pc in officeworld and then in pdf  as it was easier to set the exact locations of texts. Stamped the flowers on it on the left hand side coroner of the front of the invitation. Information, Direction, Accommodation and hand drawn map is printed on the back. See picture. Coloured the flower design stamp in your wedding colours. Glittery gel pens work best.

Invitation photo 2

Invitation photo 3

Fold in half....the front of the invitation goes inside and then the front page in half again. See pic.....showing the back and front after folding.

Invitation photo 4

Invitation photo 5

And finish with ribbon of your colour.

Invitation photo 6

Tadaaa! :o)

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:44 pm
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1375011074 small thumb 294353c1ab99c523fe00f224daeb3a11

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