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DIY Wedding Challenge: Pew Cones





- silk flowers of your choice. The pictured combination is gerbera daisies, hydrangea, curly willow, and eucalyptus.

- styrofoam cones, roughly 6x12. These can be purchased at many craft stores and floral wholesalers.

- large sheets of archival paper, at least 15x15.

- 1 1/2 inch wide ribbon

- a glue gun

- fabric scissors and decorative edge scissors

- quilting pins for trial arrangement

- a ruler

- a pencil


- The first part is the most fun! Cut your silk flowers to the size you need. For the flowers, I left about a 6-7 inch stem, and for the foliage, I used an 8 inch stem. Curly willow and other foliage could even be cut with a longer stem, depending on the height you want your cones to have. Take the Styrofoam cone and push the stems into the wide, flat part of the cone. This may take a little bit of effort, but once the flowers are in place, they will be extremely secure. You won't need to use any glue. For the flowers on the outside edges of the cone, be sure to insert them at an angle towards the center of the cone so they don't break through the side.

- Measure a 15x15 square on a sheet of archival paper. Cut off a triangular section from the bottom right hand corner (measure 1.5 to 2 inches on each side, mark it, and then cut across on the angle). Use this square as a pattern for the rest of the pew markers by tracing it as many times as you need, like this:


- For added effect, after the squares are cut, re-cut the edges with decorative scissors. These cost about $1 at Michael's, and they give the cones a much more artistic effect. Be sure to stay as close to the edge of the paper as you can, so you don't lose more than about 1/4 inch from the sides.

- Turn the paper so that it looks like a diamond, with the cut corner at the bottom. Set the cone in the center, and wrap the left side of the paper tightly around it. Attach the paper to the cone with quilting pins to keep it secure, and then trace the edge of the paper so that the exact angle of the paper is marked on the cone. Take the right side of the paper and wrap it around the other side of the cone, again securing it with quilting pins and lightly outlining it with pencil (make sure that before you mark it, the entire cone is covered by the paper).

- Take out the pins, and using the glue gun, make a line of glue 1/8 inch to the left of the pencil marking on the styrofoam. Glue the paper to the styrofoam so that it matches the pencil outline you made earlier. Glue the other side of the paper in the same way. FYI: the glue will NOT seep through since the archival paper is so thick.

- Cut a piece of ribbon at least long enough to wrap around your pew. I used 95 in. of ribbon for each cone. Lay the ribbon on a table, find the center of the ribbon, and place the pew cone, facing forwards, on top of the center. Take both ends of the ribbon, and cross them in the front. Use quilting pins to hold the ribbon in place.

- Experiment by tying the cone to a chair (with the pins still holding the ribbon on). If the ribbon buckles, change the angle so that it will lay flat when hung. Take the glue gun and gently lift the ribbon to put dots of glue underneath. Once the ribbon is held by the glue, take the pins out. Be sure to glue the ribbon until it reaches about an inch or so from the back of the cone.

- Once the glue dries, hang it on the pew and see how it looks! You can also experiment with fabrics. For half of my pew cones, I'm using ivory paper with a sheer ivory fabric overlay, like this: 

Get creative! 



I spent about $150 on the materials for 12 cones, but you can probably do it for less with cheaper flowers. Good luck!




Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:30 am
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