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Anthesis Organics Beauty Basket Giveaway Winner


The winner of this giveaway is ptreml


Anthesis Holiday Beauty Basket Giveaway!

There is nothing we love more than delicious organic bath and body products! Anthesis Organic Skincare is an emerging line of high quality products out of Brooklyn, New York.  Founder, Anna Almiroudis, has taken great care in preparing a line that is pure and nurturing. These goodies make amazing holiday and bridesmaid gifts. Or, use them to pamper yourself and get your skin glowing before the big day!  


The Goods: Inside the Beauty Basket

1. Lavender Love Body Butter (value $24.00)
2. Peppermint and Spearmint Himalayan Bath Salts ($20.00)
3. Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream ($16.00)
4. Lavender Soap Bar ($6.00)
5. Lemongrass Soap Bar ($6.00)
6. Aromatherapy Candle ($20.00)
7. Lemon Sunshine Body Butter (value $24.00)
8. Soothing Calendula and Spearmint Foot Cream ($24.00)
9. Lavender Fields Hand Cream ($16.00)

Win It!

How to win this delightful beauty basket, just in time for the holidays?  That's simple!  Visit the Anthesis shop on Wedzu and take a peek around.  Then, in the comments below, leave us a note telling us what products you just can't wait to try out!  Enter before Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 12pm PST to qualify!

Good Luck!

About Anthesis 

"Anthesis" is the period when a flower is blooming and at it's most beautiful and flourishing state. Anthesis Organic Skincare was founded on the belief that by feeding

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your skin with

naturally derived, organic and nourishing ingredients it too will blossom and be at its most beautiful and healthy state. Anthesis organic skincare products are hand-made from sweet scented flower waters, skin-healing herbal extracts, vitamin-rich botanical oils and butters, and precious essential oils. You can feel nature's love in every drop! Visit their shop on Wedzu or become a fan on facebook!

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