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Arlington Wedding Guide


Arlington Wedding

Arlington is a beautiful city to marry in, whether you’re a native or you’re planning a destination wedding.  With a wide variety of vendors waiting to help you plan every last detail of your big day, you’re in good hands.  The most hectic part will be selecting from those talented vendors and deciding which striking backdrop will host your ceremony and reception.


Planning an Arlington Wedding: Weather Considerations

Arlington features sun-kissed, hot summers with temperatures rising into the mid-nineties.  Weeks and sometimes months can go by with no rain, and this creates a perfect recipe for a glorious outdoor wedding.  Things can get muggy and hot though – so remember to protect your cake, your food, and your guests.  Consider an indoor venue for your reception after saying your vows under the wide open Arlington sky.


Planning an Arlington Wedding: City Highlights

Home to many attractions, including the 1.5 billion dollar Cowboy stadium, Arlington sometimes draws massive crowds.  During home games, visitors will often travel from all over the country to see their favorite team.  This can cause serious congestion and price hikes in hotels, as well as higher prices from vendors.  Avoiding these times can help you save money and ensure sanity on your wedding day.


Planning an Arlington Wedding: Destination Style

If you’re planning to marry in Arlington but you don’t live there, you should take at least one trip to each venue and vendor you select before the wedding.  Familiarize yourself with the routes so there are no complications on the big day. Creating a map to and from ceremony and reception locations is a great thing to present to your out-of-town guests.  Mark important necessities as well, such as restaurants, hotels, and transportation.

One great tip for destination weddings is to book a hotel ballroom or banquet room for the reception, and then reserve a block of rooms at the venue for out-of-town guests.  You can often receive discounts by doing this, and your guests will certainly be appreciative.

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