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Dallas Wedding Guide


Dallas Wedding

Planning your Dallas wedding is sure to be fun, even if it is a bit challenging at times. The “Big D” boasts some of the most talented wedding vendors ready to fit you in a breathtaking gown, whip up a sinfully delicious cake, or design stunning invitations. Sticking to your budget, your deadlines, and your instincts while you’re planning will help pull all the details together for the perfect Dallas wedding.

Dallas Wedding Planning: Weather and Location

Regardless of location, the most popular wedding months are usually June, July, and August.  If you plan on claiming one of these months for your celebration, you’ll need some extra preparation.  When the summer breeze blows in Dallas, it’s not likely to bring much relief from the sweltering heat.  Temperatures soar at this time of year, often reaching above 100 degrees.  While an outdoor Dallas wedding is still possible at this time of year, you’ll want to plan for the humidity.  Sheltering the cake indoors, planning an updo to avoid the frizzies, and providing a cool place for guests to enjoy the ceremony are all necessary for a Dallas wedding celebration in summertime.

Dallas Wedding Planning: Bridal Shows

There are a number of bridal shows that come to Dallas, usually taking place in the Dallas Convention Center, the Fairmont Hotel, or the Dallas Market Hall.  A visit to one or two of these shows can give you some much-needed inspiration for planning your big day. You’ll learn about current wedding trends, view dresses from up-and-coming designers, and meet local vendors.


Dallas Wedding Planning: A Destination Wedding

Many brides who have uttered their heartfelt wedding vows in this Southern city don’t call it home.  If you’re getting married in Dallas, but you’re not a local, you’ll want to become familiar with your surroundings. 

This might mean planning a few trips to Dallas before the wedding takes place and meeting with your vendors, creating maps to and from the celebration locations for your guests, and charting nearby hotels and restaurants for their convenience. When you're organized and prepared, you can ensure that your bridal party and guests are just as prepared to enjoy their stay.

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