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DIY Ribbon Mobile


Photos and Project Design by Victoria Hudgins


A Spend-Savvy Statement Piece

If you ever wanted to know the secret to designing a gorgeous DIY wedding on a budget, look no further than bright beautiful ribbon! It is the most affordable way to take a celebration from ho-hum to amazing and these hanging centerpieces are a great way to infuse your party with vibrant color.  They'll come together in just a couple of minutes each and will make a HUGE statement hung over tables at your reception.



 Five spools of two inch ribbon, hot glue, scissors, and an embroidery hoop.



Step One. Cut each of your spools in half resulting in two, 6-ft. strands of ribbon strands in each color.

Step Two. Going around the embroidery hoop, begin gluing the backside of one end of the ribbon onto the hoop, leaving an open slot between strands. 

Step Three. Once the strands have been glued, begin looping them across and over the opposite side. 

Step Four. Using hot glue, secure the underside of the ribbon into place.  Continue around the circle until each length of ribbon has been looped; you'll have an orbit-like structure.

Step Five. Hang with fishing line for an eye-catching and affordable centerpiece! (Check with your venue to ensure you can install hanging centerpieces).

Last Updated: June 14, 2014 at 9:49 pm
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