Fort Worth Wedding Cakes


Fort Worth Wedding Cakes

While you want your guests to be wowed by the appearance of your cake, you also want their taste buds to dance when they sample a bite. Fort Worth wedding cakes are available in a wide variety of flavors, with or without luscious fillings, and covered in mouth-watering icing or fondant.  Your job is to find the designer who is going to help bring your wedding cake vision to reality.


Fort Worth Wedding Cakes: Couture Bake Shoppe

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For a marvelously beautiful cake, Couture Bake Shoppe is an amazing choice.  They're able to pull off some of the most incredible designs – from cakes with edible flowers in all different colors to simple white cakes with detailed flowers that look like lace. See the link below for more samples of their custom work.


Fort Worth Wedding Cakes: Crème De La Crème Cake Company

Crème De La Crème specializes in rolled fondant and buttercream cakes.  The rolled fondant cakes allow you a wider variety of styles and a smooth, even finish.  They use only 100% real butter and no artificial flavorings or fillings – ensuring that you and your guests receive the very best.  They also have a long list of flavorings and fillings so you can create the perfect cake.  The designers will work with you to determine precisely what your cake should look like.  Prices start at $4.00 a slice, and an extra $2.00 per slice for rolled fondant icing.


Budget Fort Worth Wedding Cakes

For the bride who is on a strict budget, here are a few tips to staying within it.  Keeping your cake simple will help you save a lot of money – as the decorations are often the most expensive part of the cake.  Rather than having edible roses, elaborate designs and expensive embellishments – stick to ribbon or keep it plain.  You can even buy a few extra blooms from your wedding florist and add them to the cake yourself to decorate it without paying the extra cost.


Couture Bake Shoppe

Crème De La Crème Cake Company


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