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Fort Worth Wedding DJs


Fort Worth Wedding DJs

From playing music that will get your guests ready to hit the dance floor to helping prepare for certain parts of the reception, the wedding DJ is very important to the level of fun at your wedding celebration!  Not only will he or she relieve some of the pressure on you when it comes to keeping things moving, but the DJ can also keep your guests entertained and ensure that they're enjoying themselves.


Fort Worth Wedding DJs: Sound Masters DJ Entertainment

With more than 70,000 songs available, and with many years of experience serving large parties and receptions, Sound Masters DJ can provide you with excellent DJ service at your ceremony.  They even provide an online form for you to fill out that helps you plan the reception music and announcements. With the ability to add certain songs to your 'do not play' list, you can be sure that there are no awkward moments and that everything runs very smoothly.  You can also check the availability online and schedule an appointment.


Fort Worth Wedding DJs: Heartsong Productions

With more than 8 years of experience in the DJ and wedding industries, Heartsong Productions can provide the excellent quality of service that you expect in a DJ and emcee.  When you hire the owners, Lisa and Rob, that's who you get at your ceremony. With wedding packages created to fit every bride's reception, you'll receive a master of ceremonies, professional announcements of your bridal party, properly attired entertainers and much more.  Meet with Lisa and Rob to discuss your personal goals and dreams for a beautiful reception.

Fort Worth Wedding DJs: Alternative Ideas

If you'd rather not hire a DJ, there are a few alternatives.  However, some of them come with a few disadvantages that you should also consider.  For instance, you can hire a band that will play for your reception, and they may also be willing to announce for you – but they'll need breaks so you'll have to keep the guests entertained during those times.  You could also count on an iPod to provide the music, as long as someone is there to operate it and pause it when it's not needed.  If the extra work sounds like a hassle to you, sticking with experienced Fort Worth DJs is a good idea!


Sound Masters DJ Entertainment

Heartsong Productions

Last Updated: April 1, 2010 at 5:08 am
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