Well ladies.. it's here! The long awaited debut of BHLDN - the new bridal line of gowns, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and bridesmaid dresses by the crew over at Anthropologie- has arrived.  If you're like me, once you land on their website, you'll find yourself swept away for hours in a sea of vintage romance. With their versatile accessories and coordinating accoutrement- anyone can pull together an exciting and stunning bridal wardrobe like a professional stylist.  I've shared my favorite looks just below and I must applaud BHLDN & co. for a job very well done- they've managed to create a large-scale bridal line that is utterly unique, totally gorgeous, and very wearable. But then again.. would we expect anything less from them? 

♥, Kate

If I had to pick a favorite from the collection... well, I couldn't.  It would have to be a toss up between a look based on the {Pleated Fantasy Gown} (above) and {Zinnia} (below).  Ahh.. the pleats, the pleats.. totally gorgeous, don't you think? Complete the look with {Agave peep toes} and pewter accessories.

The Zinnia dress is a stunner, something guests will remember for years to come.  Designed by Beth Browley, the coral and smoke stroked blooms are exquisite. Isn't it amazing how a gown can have splashes of bright, bold color without being too colorful and still very wedding-like?  

As I mentioned, BHLDN has made it so easy to style your wedding, you can find coordinating bridesmaid frocks and cover-ups to complete the entire ensemble.  If you're more of a classic bride, don't worry.. there are some slightly more traditional styles below.. but with these two looks I'm indulging in my delightfully avant-garde alter ego. 

For something more retro-chic, oooh the options!  First up, I was in awe of the floral applique detailing and sheer tulle sleeves on this Tracy Reese original:

Call me crazy, but white has never been my first choice in bridalwear (can't you tell)?! This beige has such a rich, vintage feel to it.  The pairing of beige with a soft pink tickles my fancy, which is why I thought this pretty would go great with rose-colored platforms.


Ok, if you must do white, hows about a bold and elegant black sash? {The Tiered Tulip Gown} is playful and lively with an amazing shape.  The subtly coordinated tulip colored heels and floral headband are a match made in Anthropologie heaven. 

...And for something in true Bohemian Anthro style, {The Eyelet Medley Sheath} is carefree and and lovely.  Reminiscent of the 60's, this dress is cut with an empire waistline and made with telltale silk-linen eyelet fabric.  Accessorize with comfy bridal flats and sculpted bronze accessories to get the look. 

Now that I've dished... I just have to know... what are your favorites?  

All gowns, accessories, and images by BHLDN.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:39 am
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